Saturday, March 25, 2017

Are You Standing in the Need of Prayer?

"Standing in the Need of Prayer" is an African-American spiritual whose origin is unknown. It was published in 1925 in The Book of American-Negro Spirituals and the text is simple, yet profound:

"Not my brother, nor my sister
But it's me Oh Lord, standing in the need of prayer."

The simple statement of this song expresses a deep need and a deep humility. It is a knowing in the heart that isolates the writer and his/her needs from those of all others. And that great need becomes an intimacy with God, a longing that excludes all else; even the needs of family.

Do you feel that's you today? Is there something in your life that has taken all your attention, all your time and resources and you feel there is nothing of you left over to give to someone else? Maybe like the writer of the song you feel it is YOU who has the greatest need of prayer today. Check out Psalm 70:5;

"I am poor and needy,
Make haste to me O God.
You are my Help and my Deliverer;
O Lord do not delay."

Ladies, He is faithful, He will not delay. And it is OK to tell Him right now:

"Hurry Lord."


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