Saturday, January 24, 2015

MOPS and Snow!!

This has been a very busy week in the Noffsinger household. My mother-in-law, Mayme Nell Noffsinger passed away Monday. She had battled dementia, had a stroke, and recently suffered with pneumonia. But she was a fighter and had been all her life. She raised 5 children, worked hard, and for those who knew her, she was never "still a minute." She left us with many good memories and she will be greatly missed by her family, friends, and church family.

I was blest this week to speak to the MOPS group at 1st Baptist Madisonville. They are great Moms doing a great job. We talked about patience and how to have more of it and that patience is an act of the Holy Spirit in our lives and a Fruit of the Spirit. (Galatians 5:22,23) We also talked about how we can keep from comparing ourselves to other Moms and we learned a lot from Hannah's example. Here are a few pics of the day and thank you so much Madisonville MOPS for the privilege of being with you and being a part of your day.

This is Haylee, their MOPS coordinator, and me. Thanks Haylee for inviting me to speak to your group!!

One reason I enjoy MOPS so much is all the good food!!

And for our readers in the southern hemisphere who often ask me about our Kentucky weather, we had a beautiful snowy night and are still enjoying it this morning. (hope it's the last one this winter!!)

Hope you have a blest day and a great Lord's Day tomorrow. Look for my next blog post soon.


Friday, January 9, 2015

5 Things Your Husband Needs You to Pray for Him....Right Now

I recently heard a report that marriages in the U S are on the decline. And two of the reasons cited were that women have more career and financial options, and there is less financial stress to live together, than to be married. And then when you add to the mix tv shows like a Girlfriends Guide to Divorce, and other shows that depict single women living together as a family unit, you have an all out attack on traditional moral values and on traditional marriage.

As Christian women we know that our enemy Satan issued an all out attack on the family in the Garden of Eden and He is intensifying his strategy every single day. He knows if he can destroy the family unit of Mom, Dad, and children, he will destroy the church, and if he can destroy the church, he will destroy Christianity. The good news is, in Genesis 2, God performed the first marriage ceremony and marriage is still alive and well today. And in Matthew 16, Jesus Christ established the church and He announced to Satan and the world that "the gates of hell will not prevail" against His church. So as believers, we know that marriage itself is secure until Christ returns for His bride, and that the New Testament, Bible believing church will prevail. But......there is an attack on our moral and ethical fiber and while our enemy may not be able to destroy marriage and the church completely, he can still destroy individual families and local congregations. And all we have to do is look around and see that he is enjoying a measure of success.

If you are reading this and you are married, please do not take your marriage for granted; our enemy is out to destroy your marriage, too. And he uses small stuff to create big havoc in our homes. Your marriage is important to God. As long as you and your husband are living together in the bonds of holy matrimony, all of heaven is fighting for the survival of your marriage. David and I will be married 45 years this May and all of heaven is still fighting for us, because you see, it doesn't matter how long we are married, Satan never gives up trying to destroy us. There is so much more at stake here than David and me; we have 3 grown sons, 8 grandchildren, our sisters, brothers, friends, younger couples that look up to us, and a host of others that could easily be hurt or brought down if he can destroy our marriage. I am still shocked at the destruction of Stephan and Gigi Graham Tchividian's marriage; it hurt me because I admired her so much. I am still shocked at the destruction of the marriage of our friends who were married 40 plus years, and of the destruction of a 60 year marriage we heard of recently.

But praise God He has not left us defenseless. He has armed us with the supernatural power of His Holy Word, our God-given right as His child to pray, and the "gumption" as my Mama used to say, to get in there and fight; not just for ourselves, but we need to fight for our man. And we fight for him each time we go to the throne of grace on his behalf.

Here are 5 simple things your husband needs you to ask God to do in his life; he may not ask you to pray for him and these particular matters, he may not know he needs them, but he does. This is not a complete list by any means, but it will sure get you started. Keep a prayer journal and each time you see God's hand actively working in your husband's life, write it down; it will build your faith and encourage you to keep on keeping on.

Your husband needs you to pray for his:

1. Health and safety.
Men don't like to eat healthy. Please don't tell him I said so, but probably your husband is an all meat and potatoes kind of guy. But guess who does the cooking at my house? Me, unless it's chili. Pray that God will help you and your family to make healthier eating choices, then cook it! A man's work and travel can often be dangerous. Pray each day for his safety, pray that God will keep him healthy, and ask God to grant you many years of marriage to raise your kids and influence their lives.

2. His relationship with God.
Simply pray that your husband will read his Bible and pray. If he doesn't ask the blessing at meal time, suggest he start. If he isn't comfortable, suggest you take turns, including the kids. Ask him to read the kids their Bible story before bedtime. It's amazing how much biblical knowledge is in a child's Bible Story Book. They have some great ones at Life Way. Look for ways you can work in spiritual truth and biblical discussions in your private conversations. Take notes during the pastor's sermons, then share with him some of the things you got from the message. Always be positive about God, the Bible, prayer, church; he needs to know you really believe what you say you believe and he'll know it by how you talk (yes that's #1) and how you live.. Ask him to pray for a specific thing for you or the kids, and be sure and tell him how God is answering his prayer, it will elevate his trust and faith. It's amazing what your prayers for his spirituality will do for him, for you, your marriage, and your family. Everyone will reap the benefits of your prayer.

3. His relationship with you and your kids.
Ladies let's face it; often we're to blame when we don't receive what we need from our husbands. How many times have you heard him say, "I didn't know you wanted/needed that! Why didn't you tell me?" Whether it's a certain piece of jewelry for Valentine's Day or a little time to cry on his shoulder, if he doesn't give it, assume he doesn't know how, and tell him. He needs you, today, to pray for his relationship with you and the kids. Ask God specifically to develop a deeper love and understanding between you and him, and him and your kids. That is a prayer that is God's will and a prayer He has promised to answer.
(1 John:5:14,15) And if he isn't as involved with your children as you had hoped he would be, tell God, He'll listen. He is the One Who will move your husband's heart in that direction.

4. His morality and integrity.
Oh, ladies, you do not have enough time here to read all that is involved in a man's morals and his integrity. Morality and integrity are more a way of thinking than doing, and it is something that must be taught to our little boys during their morally formative years. If you have small sons, please, please, please, instill in their young minds and hearts spiritual principles that will shape how they think. And when our thinking is right, our doing will be right, too. Pray right now that God will draw your husband toward high moral standards of integrity in his thinking, then see to it that you feed those standards by your daily walk and talk. Don't criticize him for watching something on tv that is wrong while you are reading a trashy romance novel. (sorry, I don't mean to be so blunt) Make sure we as wives have the same standards we want for our husbands.

5. His sexuality.
I heard a statistic that men hear or see literally thousands of sexually explicit material every minute. (sorry I don't remember the exact number). Wherever he is, whatever he is doing, he needs you, right now, to pray for his purity; purity in his thoughts and his actions. There are women who are sending an invitation to your husband right now to "look at them", to "fantasize about them" and they don't know him and he doesn't know them. It can be an invitation as simple as passing each other in the Mall or watching a newscast with a female anchor who really needs to be wearing a jacket!!! And as you pray for his purity, pray for yours, as well. And pray that God will bless your intimacy with each other and strengthen your marriage. (it is not easy for me to write about this, I embarrass easily, lol, but I see how simple flirtations and "looks" between a man and woman can escalate to something else.) Protect your marriage, pray for his sexuality.

It may take time to see changes in his choice of tv shows, or his reading material. It may take time to see real spiritual growth, or see him become a more devoted Dad and husband, or the spiritual leader in your home that you need him to be, but please keep praying, God is faithful, He desires your success, He will help you.

My son is a pastor and he recently shared with me that he had been preaching a series of sermons on the home and marriage, and one of the men in his church who had experienced a time of difficulty in his marriage said this: "I decided it was more important to stay with my kids than to leave my wife."

Ladies, with the exception of the abuse of your children or yourself, (and that abuse can take on many forms)
I still believe every marriage can be saved, (call me a starry eyed optimist) every home can be a good home, and every child deserves a Mom and Dad who love God, love each other, love them, and who are committed to stay married to each other for a lifetime, and that includes better or worse, richer or poorer. Old fashioned, maybe. Politically correct, no. Right....with all my heart I believe YES!


Tuesday, January 6, 2015

New Year New Hope

Happy New Year! I hope you are excited about 2015, I know I am, and I want to take full advantage of each opportunity God gives me to enter His presence and serve Him in new ways this year.

As Beth Moore so aptly puts it in her study of Esther, "It's tough being a woman" and ladies, it doesn't get any easier, no matter our age. But one way to make it less tough in 2015 is to become more disciplined, especially in our personal habits. Because you see, when we are disciplined in our spiritual growth and physical and emotional health, every other area of our lives, especially our personal relationships, will benefit, too.

A new year brings new hope; hope to do better, look better be better. It only takes a few small changes to bring big results.

Who we are is the sum total of our daily habits. This time of year it is cold here in Kentucky (in the teens last night!!). The sky tends to stay gray, the holidays have come and gone, not much to do in January, stay in our flannel pjs all day, eat, sleep, eat, watch old movies on tv, eat, gossip, (I mean catch up with our friends) eat, sleep some more, in other words, just let ourselves go. And not in the right direction!! Let's get motivated ladies and not become another January statistic!

I'm sure you've heard the news reports pertaining to depression this time of year and one factor is less light. I am fortunate to have a big window in my living room and a wall of glass in my family room, and I enjoy sitting in these rooms on those cloudy January days to do my Bible reading and study, write in my journal, and just look out the window! Yes, it is ok to just sit and look out the window and soak up the light. No one will think you're strange in the least little bit. (lol) Light does amazing things for us and on Day 4 of creation, God created the sun, moon, and stars and they've been right there every single day and night since He placed them in the heavens. But even the bright sunshine, the full moon and starry night are not enough light for us; we need the Light of the World, Jesus Christ to truly bring us out of darkness.

So lets make it personal this year; let's get up, get dressed, PLAN what we will eat today, (because if I don't plan what I eat, food makes a plan for me) get some exercise outside if we can, read our Bible, write in our journal, spend time in prayer, drink lots of water, and I guarantee you that if you will jump start your day with a PLAN, you will be amazed at how different you feel, how different your family will see you, and how much more effective you will be for the kingdom. It is amazing ladies what personal discipline and good daily habits will do for our self-esteem, our marriage, our parenting, and even our housekeeping. (hope you'll keep reading.)

My friend, and pastor's wife, Linda, gives me a new journal each year for Christmas. I start writing in it each Jan. 1. This is one of the prettiest ones I've seen. Not a great pic, but it has some gold "bling" on the left side, which suits me just fine.

Depression and low self-esteem are real, and they plague so many of us from time to time, especially this time of year, and statistics tell us that holidays and the winter months deplete our immune system and can plummet us into bouts of depression or "the blues" as my Mama used to say. Even people who seem to have it all together suffer in silence and the public never knows their depths of despair. Robin Williams was one of the funniest guys of my generation. I did not always like the characters he portrayed or his types of humor, but he sure was funny. Who would ever have known the pain he suffered, or the dark valley he must have been in?

As children of the Most High God, we have all of His power, all of His mighty hosts of heaven (Psalm 103: 19-21), His promises (Romans 4:21) and the authority of His word for every anxious thought we may have about ourselves, our loved ones, our future. At the beginning of each new year I choose a verse of scripture as my "life verse" for the year. It is a verse or verses that I commit to memory, and try to apply it to the situations and circumstances I find myself in. Several years ago when I was going through a difficult time, I chose Phillippians 4: 6,7:

"Be anxious for nothing, but in everything, by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God that passes all understanding, will keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus."

Friend, it you will dissect that verse, word for word, study it, then apply it to your life and believe it in faith,  it will change you; I know it will because I remember exactly where I was when it changed me. This year I have chosen Genesis 18:14; "Is anything too hard for God?" A short verse, but one that will stretch our faith, and build our trust. I'm looking for His activity in every situation that I feel there is no answer for, knowing the thing I feel is too hard or hopeless is not to difficult for Him.

A disciplined woman makes a better wife; just ask her husband. A disciplined woman makes a better Mom; (just ask her kids if their lives and home don't run more smoothly when Mom is disciplined and in charge)
a disciplined woman is prettier and much more pleasant to be around; and a disciplined woman makes a better "you".

Only 3 weeks left in January, 4 weeks in February, then it's March. Soon the Easter flowers will be popping through the ground, the robins will be back, and the days are already getting a little longer: MORE LIGHT!

So let's take advantage of the these next few weeks of winter and use it as our time to grow closer to our Lord, develop some new habits, both physical and spiritual, and get disciplined, all for one reason; we will bring more honor and glory to His precious name.

Thank you all so much for a great year on the blog. We've reached over 40 countries, I've heard from so many of you, and I hope you will continue to read and "endure" this Kentucky girl's way of writing. And I'd love to hear from you again.

My prayer is that God will greatly bless you in this new year, prosper you and your family, and keep you in good health. Invest yourself in His kingdom today by investing yourself in someone else. There is no better life than a life lived for Jesus Christ!!

Love you,

Friday, December 19, 2014

Three Women Who Knew: The Word Became Flesh.

The Bible tells us of only three women that knew Who He really was; only three women knew His Divine identity. One was His mother, one a distant cousin, and one a poor widow who lived in the Temple. When a prince is born to a royal family today, it is on all the tv channels, in all the newspapers, his arrival talked about for months, and gifts are sent from around the world. But no one knew of His arrival. His identity was known by only a few.

After Gabriel made his announcement to Mary, did she tell her mother? What did she tell her mother? How do you explain Emanuel to your mother? Miraculous conception isn't something you explain, it is something one must......know.

Mary knew; with one cell of her body she knew when the Prince of Peace began to grow in her womb. But who could she tell? Who would believe that the Kings of Kings could be Mary's child; she was a peasant, He would be a peasant, too.

When I was expecting each of our sons, I loved talking with my mom and other women about the soon arrival. There is such a sweet bond between mother and daughter during that time and I am so thankful that I experienced that with my mom. With my first, I listened wide eyed to the tales of older women and their experiences with labor and delivery. And more than once I caught my mother's eye as she cautioned them not to say "too much" in my presence. I enjoyed being with my friends who were expecting. During two of my pregnancies, two of my sisters were also expecting babies about the same time and it was a sweet time of "baby talk" and hopes and dreams. Did Mary have sisters? What did the older women say about her and her baby? They didn't know Who He was; but Mary knew.

Elizabeth knew. The moment Mary walked through the door of her cousin's home and her own son, John, leaped in her womb, Elizabeth knew. She knew she was in the presence of holiness, of perfection. And for a brief time Mary could enjoy the joys of expecting her first born Son, unafraid, unashamed, completely accepted and loved. It was a secret the two women could share with no one else; Mary's Son was God.

Anna knew. She had lived in the Temple quarters for women for over eighty years. She had seen lots of babies come and go. She knew when parents brought their eight day old baby boys to be circumcised, she knew when they were brought to the Temple to be blessed and with each new baby boy she hoped and wondered if this was the One; could this be the Messiah? And then she saw Him, and she knew.....the One she had waited her whole life to see was there, in the flesh, for her to hold and bless and to praise God for His promise kept, fulfilled.

Could there have been more? Maybe, but I doubt it. God shares His secrets with but a few. Psalm 25:14;
"The secret of the Lord is with those who fear Him, and He will show them His covenant."

I know who to share my secrets with, don't you? I share them with those I trust, with those who respect me. Mary, Elizabeth, Anna; women who could be trusted with the secret. Women God knew who respected Him, believed His Word, trusted His promises. Soon the secret would be revealed to all, but for now, only three women knew that a young Jewish woman had given birth to the Savior of the World.

Dear friend, I hope you know Him. It isn't a secret anymore; the angels announced His birth on that night, months later wise men came from afar to worship Him and bring Him gifts.Others soon learned that God had come to earth in the flesh. John 1: 14:
"And the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us, and we beheld His glory; the glory as the Only Begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth."

If you do not know Him, you can. And this is how you can know Him as Emanuel, as the Divine Son of God, as the Word that became flesh and dwells among us;
1. Admit you are a sinner. Romans 3:23; All have sinned and come short of the glory of God.
Romans 5:8; "But God commendeth His love toward us, in that while we were yet sinners Christ died for us."
2. Believe. Romans 10: 9,10; "If you will confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus, and will BELIEVE in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, YOU WILL BE SAVED."
3. Believe and Receive. Romans 10:13; "For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord will be saved."

Friend, you can know the joy of salvation this Christmas season; you can have the greatest gift of all. If you have never asked Jesus into your heart, please pray this prayer:
"Lord Jesus, I am lost, I am a sinner. I want to be saved from my sins. Please come into my heart, forgive me of my sins, and today I give my life to you and accept You as my Lord and Savior."

He will not turn anyone away. He loves you. He longs to give you His gift.

I'd love to hear from you. Have a Merry, Merry, Blessed Christmas.

With love and blessings to you and your family from:
David, Penny and the whole Noffsinger family.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Feel Like You Are Living in a Pressure Cooker??

Pressure. Ever feel like you are under so much pressure you could......explode?

My Mom would sometimes use a "pressure cooker" when she wanted to get the potatoes done in a hurry or get meat tender quickly, especially on Sunday after church. No, we never went out to eat, ate sandwiches, or waited till supper time for our "big meal" on Sunday. My Mom, every single Sunday of my growing up years, cooked a full meal and had it ready within an hour after we arrived home from church. The family sat down AT the table together and that Sunday dinner tradition impressed me so much that as a young Mom, I was determined that my boys have that same experience. And we did. For years after they married and had homes of their own, when they could, they came here after church on Sunday and we enjoyed Sunday dinner together. And yes, from time to time, I used a "pressure cooker."

Every woman of my Mom's generation, that I know of, had a pressure cooker and she used it every Sunday. A pressure cooker works by tightly sealing the lid onto the pot, the lid has a small hole in the top, and a little regulator fits over that hole. The idea of the pressure cooker is that as the food inside it cooks, steam builds, then escapes through the hole and it is let off at regular intervals by the regulator. The food, under intense pressure, gets cooked very quickly. After the food is cooked, the pot is removed from the heat and the pressure is released a little at a time until there is no pressure left inside. Great idea right? And this is my Mom's pressure cooker. I use it occasionally, but actually, I am a little intimidated by it.

Not a great pic and you can sure tell it was used a lot, but girls, this is an old fashioned pressure cooker!!
It was the last one she used, but certainly not the first one. It really would be an antique!

 I don't remember any "explosions" with that pressure cooker, but David also remembers his Mom's pressure cooker............

David's Mom was a great cook and she used her pressure cooker a lot. One day, in a hurry to feed her hungry family, she decided to quickly cook some "greens" (spinach, kale, for you who are too young to remember "greens".) The  "jiggler" as we called it, was happily singing on that pressure cooker, the family was in the living room laughing and talking and suddenly there was an explosion in the kitchen. They all ran in and David said "greens" were hanging from the light fixture, curtains, and everything else in that kitchen. (I could make a joke here about the "hanging of the greens", but I won't) Greens cook very quickly and his Mom forgot to turn down the burner under the pressure cooker, pressure built to such intensity that the pot could not handle the pressure and the only thing it could do was to "blow up". And that is where we get the phrase, letting off steam.

Pressure affects every woman I know. Whether it is the girl in Middle School, the bride engaged to be married, the new wife, the Mom who is trying to keep it all together, the women in our 50's and 60's who are feeling the pressure to adjust to changes in our lives, or the woman of any age who feels pressure to fit in, look good, feel good, women today are pressured. And when there is too much pressure, and not enough "steam" is let off, we're going to explode and when we do, there will be pieces of us laying everywhere.

At this time of year, most of us feel like we are living in a "pressure cooker." There are only 31 days in this month, but I can tell you of more than 31 events that David and I would like to attend, together. With 3 sons, 8 grandchildren, our extended families and church families, this month is packed; and in a good way. We love the holidays and we especially love being with our family, and I sure don't want to have those special times marred by memories of the "pressure cooker", (me) blowing up and leaving a mess!
So how do I handle the pressure?

1. Say this with me: "Everything in my house does not have to be perfect and look perfect!" Now remember that when family and friends stop by unexpectedly.

2. Say this with me: "I do not have to be all things to all people."  With all you have to do, I am going to add one more thing to your list; sorry. Each morning, this month, before your feet hit the floor, pray this prayer:
"Lord, help me stay focused today on pleasing You." It is amazing how that simple prayer keeps things in perspective for us, even if we have to pray it several times during the day. I tend to be a "people pleaser" and I often say yes, when I should say an emphatic "no!" When I'm focused on pleasing God, it does unexpected things to my attitude toward all the demands on my busy life. I don't want to over-use that word "amazing" here, but it is amazing how that simple prayer keeps me focused, and keeps life in perspective.

3.  It's ok to have a private meltdown, in the bathroom, with the door closed, with guests seated around the table, tree, fireplace, etc. When you feel the pressure build, take a break. They can handle it for a few minutes if you aren't in the room, they'll adjust, they may not even miss you. Please don't tell my kids this, but on more than one holiday, (several actually), I have gone into my bathroom, closed the door, sat down on the floor, took several deep breaths, hummed a few bars of  "How Great Thou Art", went back to the group and had a great time!! It's amazing, (that word again) how much steam escapes when I focus on God, praise His Holy name, and remember that Jesus truly is the reason for the season.

The old saying, "hindsight is 20/20" is so true and as I get older, I am finding out more and more just how true. And this is what I am learning; most of the pressure I felt I was under when my marriage was new and my kids were little was pressure that I put on myself. It did not come from David's expectations, my boy's expectations, my parents, my siblings, my friends, my church family, it came from the steam to be all things to all people that built up in me, and instead of letting it off a little at time, I exploded.

So, ladies, in this pressure cooker month we live in, take some pressure off. Be sure to have a few minutes each day of quiet, close your eyes and breathe slowly and say His precious name. It is amazing how that name above all names, (Eph.1:21) breathed in prayer and thanksgiving slowly eases the pressure. Take time to just sit still; Psalm 46: 10; "Be still and know that I Am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth." Put your focus on that baby in the manger, God's greatest gift to us, and enjoy the angel's exaltation: "Glory to God in the highest, and on earth, peace, good will to all people." It only takes a few quiet minutes, focused on God, to release a ton of pressure.

January 1 will be here before we know it. There will be new pressures in 2015. Sorry, but that is the way life is. Maybe if we learn how to take some pressure off, we can avoid those nasty explosions! (remember the greens???)

Love you all,

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Thing I Long For

"Oh that I might have my request and that God would grant me the thing that I long for!" (Job 6:8)

Ever felt like that? I have. And we're in very good company because in the oldest book in the Bible, the book of Job, Mr. Job knew what desperation felt like. What request had he made of God and prayed that God would grant him the very thing in life he longed for the most? He had lost everything; his children. He had lost other things, too, but in comparison to the loss of sons and daughters, everything else paled. But Mrs. Job had lost the very same things that Mr. Job had lost. Was she desperate to hear from God, too? Did she long for Him to grant her the thing she longed for? I believe she did.

I know desperate people. They put on a smile, act as if everything is ok in their lives, but inside they are longing for something that only God can do. And time goes on and still God does not grant their request. I, too, have been one of those desperate people. I, too, have approached the throne of grace with the same request: "Oh that I might have my request and that God would grant me the thing that I long for!"

You've heard it said, I'm sure, that desperate people do desperate things. Job was desperate, but all he could do was sit in his "ash heap" covered from head to toe with boils and listen as those around him told him what they thought he should do. I've been there, too.

Ladies, let me share with you something I learned many years ago and it has sustained me many, many times through desperation; giving thanks for the very thing that I am so desperate for. I know it is not logical, it makes no sense, even sounds contradictory, but it is a spiritual discipline that will transform your prayer life and your intimacy with Christ. Here is how it works and it is based on the command in 1 Thessalonians 5:18; "In everything give thanks for this is the will of God concerning you."
God intends a command to be obeyed and we can give thanks with our mouth, even though we do not feel "thank-ful" in our heart. You may think you can't, but yes Ma'am you can!

You are desperate for God to heal your marriage. You give thanks for the very thing that is hurting your marriage, and you acknowledge (Prov.3:6) that God will do all things for His glory and your good. (Romans 8:28)

You are desperate for physical healing. Give thanks for your illness. (Proverbs 3:6, Romans 8:28)

You are desperate for God to bring your grown child to his/her senses. Give thanks for your child and what is happening in their lives. (Proverbs 3:6, Romans 8:28)

You are desperate for God to give you/your husband a job. Give thanks that you need a job. (Proverbs 3:6, Romans 8:28)

You are desperate for God to heal your relationship with a loved one. Give thanks for the problem with the relationship, acknowledge God's activity in your life, and trust Him to do all things for His glory and your good. (Proverbs 3:6, Romans 8:28)

True story; our son Kyle had an "old" work car that was not very dependable. Many nights on his way to work it broke down. One day he shared his frustration with me about that "old car" and he was just about at the end of his rope. (Kentucky slang for "had it") I shared 1 Thess. 5:18 and encouraged him to start right then and there giving thanks for that car. And each time it broke down or delayed him in some way, he gave thanks, and then he mentally listed every reason he could think of to give thanks for that old work car.  (very short list)
Long story short, it didn't happen overnight, but over the course of the next few weeks, God began to move in his circumstances and he was able to get a better work car. But more important than a better work car was a much needed lesson learned in obedience and the faithfulness of God to bless our obedience and enlarge our faith. Does your faith need to be enlarged today? It can be as simple as to "give thanks."

Ladies, it can hurt to say those words: "Lord, I give You thanks for............ I acknowledge your faithful work in my life, and I trust You to work even this seemingly hopeless situation for my good and your glory." But,
when you and I are obedient, even when it is painful, God releases His supernatural power upon our desperation and even though our situations may not change immediately, (although I have experienced it)
something changes in us and we have the peace of God that He is working in the heavenly realm to bring about our good and His glory here on earth.

Dear friend, if the mysteries of God made sense they would not be the mysteries of God. And I am glad they don't make sense because if they did, it would take the faith factor out of our desperation.

While we focus next week on Thanksgiving Day and all we have to truly be thankful for, allow your desperation and your longing to lead you to obedience and "In everything give thanks for this is the will of God concerning you."

Will you give this a try? And will you let me know either in a comment or an email how your obedience turned around your desperation?

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Giving Thanks!1


Saturday, November 8, 2014

Give Away Jesus

I know it's only been a week since my last post, but I read a scripture a few days ago that I felt impressed
to share with you: Acts 3:6;
Then Peter said, "Silver and gold have I none, but what I do have I give you: In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, rise up and walk."

I love my Charles Stanley Life Principles Bible. Dr. Stanley has such incredible insight into the Word and I learn so much from his interpretation of the scripture. This is what he said about that verse:

"We may not have riches or political influence or many other things that the world craves, but we do have the Spirit of the Lord living within us--and we can always give away Jesus while still keeping Him."

Those of you who know me know that I believe in the inerrancy of the scripture and I believe that no matter how many times we read a verse or portion of text, we can learn something new. And I have learned something new---Jesus wants me to give Him away....everyday. And no matter how much of Him I give away, I still have all of Him. That revelation is so incredible to me.

When I give away His kindness to someone who is unkind to me, I am still full of His kindness.
When I give away His love, I am still full of His love.
When I give away His compassion and understanding, I am still full of His compassion and understanding.
When I give away His forgiveness, I am still full of His forgiveness.
When I give away His peace, I am still full of His peace.
When I give away His joy, I am still full of His joy.
When I give away His gentleness, I am still full of His gentleness.
When I give away His wisdom, I am still full of His wisdom.

What part of Jesus does someone need you to give them? Whatever it is, it is still ours to keep. Give it away and experience Him replacing it with more of Him. Oh dear lady He is so good and so worthy of our praise.
Give away Jesus today; no matter how much you give away, you'll still keep all of Him.