Monday, October 1, 2012

A Great Book and Other Stuff

Have you ever said something you wished you hadn't said? Several times a day, right? The proverbial "putting my foot in my mouth" syndrome gets me into more embarrassing situations than I care to share with you on this blog. I have made a discovery about myself; I am more likely to say the wrong thing, when I am in a situation where I don't know how to respond, and at those times when I just need to keep silent.

At the SBC in New Orleans last June, Dr. Dennis Swanberg (with a great deal of humor) shared several experiences he has had with being in situations where he spoke when he really didn't have anything to say. The one I loved best was when he and Dr. Billy Graham were sitting in rockers on the porch of Dr. Graham's home in North Carolina. Dr. Swanberg commented on how nice the rockers were and Dr. Graham said that he and Ruth had rockers on all the porches and how much they enjoyed inviting friends over and "sitting and rocking". After a few moments of silence, Dr. Swanberg said, "Cracker Barrel has nice rockers", to which Dr. Graham said, "Cracker Barrel has too many people." When I heard him tell that story, of course I laughed, but I could also identify with Dr. Swanberg and how he felt in that moment, in the presence of the most beloved preacher of our time. It reminded me of Peter's experience with Christ on the Mt. of Transfiguration.(Matt. 17:4) (I guess that's why I love Peter so much....I can identify with his impulsive-ness when it comes to speaking.)

Well, if you ever wished you could be more effective with your words, or if you long to respond in the right way, not react out of fear or impulse, then I have a great book I would like to recommend; "Unglued" by Lysa Terkeurst. I bought mine at Life Way for $10.00 and it is worth every cent. It's a great read and a fast read, so have your hi-liter handy because it is a book you will read again and refer to often.

September was a busy month at the Noffsinger household. Sarah had her 10th birthday and Kyle and April celebrated their 12th wedding anniversary. We celebrated Sarah's birthday on Labor Day with pizza and a flip-flop cake that Kesha created especially for Sarah.

This is Sarah, Emily and Kara. These 3 Noffsinger cousins are 10 years old.

The whole crew!!

When Katie saw this pic of her and her cousin Olivia, she said "MeMe, this would be a great pic for your blog." She is right, it is a great pic for the blog. This is our oldest granddaughter Katie and our youngest granddaughter, Olivia.

And of course I couldn't leave out the boys. Here are Tate and Alex.

I really hope you'll read the book, and if you do, let me know if it gives you some insight into those times when you come "unglued" and how through the power of the Holy Spirit, you can choose to respond instead of react.
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Love Ya'll,

Sarah and me leaving for church last Sunday!!