Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Oh What a Night...Dr. Fred Luter at Dripping Spring Baptist Church!!

July 20, 2012 was an exciting night for our family. On that night, Dr. Fred Luter, the newly elected president of the SBC, preached a powerful and inspiring message at Dripping Spring Baptist Church on Watermelon Road in Olmstead, Ky. Our son, Jeff Noffsinger is pastor, and it was a night and an experience that his church family and family of origin will not soon forget. I know many of you were there and I am sure you will agree that the singing and the preaching were anointed. The choir was led by our good friend, Wesley Walker and they were superb. Three for Thee blessed us with "Oh Glorious Day". Our daughter-in-law Dana sings with the group as well as Wesley and Brooke Bibb. Their harmony is "easy on the ear" and smooth as silk. Jeff Boswell sang a beautiful song that blessed our hearts, and then Dr. Luter stirred us with the power of the Word!!

Oh what a message, oh what singing, and oh what a night!!

Dr. Luter, David, and me at Dripping Spring Baptist Church.


Our son Jeff, his wife, Dana, our granddaughters
Kate and Kara, and Dr. Luter.                

Our son Jeff and Dr. Luter behind the pulpit at Dripping Spring Baptist Church.

Thanks John Vick for the great pics.

For great high-lites of the night, check out this website: 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

1st Baptist Atlanta and Panama City..all in 1 trip.

If you think it is hot in Kentucky, you should have been in Atlanta on June 30th when they recorded their hottest temp ever. David and I drove down that day and sweltering does not begin to describe it. July 1st was just as hot, but we didn't mind as much on that bright Sunday morning, because we were fulfilling a dream we had had for a long, long time; to visit 1st Baptist Church Atlanta and to hear, in person, Dr. Charles Stanley. (to our disappointment he had to leave the pulpit after preaching the 9 a.m. service due to inflammation in his hip. But the 2nd service went on as planned with great singing, and fellowship. We were blessed to watch the 9 a.m. service on the big screen and were not disappointed with the service and the experience one little bit!!)

We decided to attend the 11 o'clock service and we got to the campus about 45 minutes early so we could "see the sights." You know the old saying, "You can't go anywhere without finding somebody from Ky." So true. The first person we met took our picture and told us she "was born and raised in Owensboro, Ky." She graciously took this pic of David and me standing in front of a monument that boldly states the 10 Commandments.

We knew we wanted to sit close to the front of the auditorium, but it was filling up quickly. A few rows back we spotted 2 seats in a row of 4 and asked the lady seated in one of them if those were available. She assured us they were, we sat down, and soon were engaged in conversation with a long time member of the church. Her husband soon joined us, introductions were made and he really enjoyed hearing David talk. Nothing like that Kentucky accent and David does it so well!!!!!!
We now can say we have friends at 1st Baptist Atlanta. This is us with Harry and Deborah Thompson and they sure made us feel right at home.

On Monday we drove to Panama City and enjoyed a couple of days with Kyle and his family. It was also Alex's 4th birthday. This was the first time Olivia and Alex saw the ocean and it was great to share this experience with them. Oh, and they really enjoyed getting buried in the sand.

And what would a trip to Panama be without dinner at Angelos?? This is David and me, Kyle and his family. (Alex is taking a much deserved nap.)

Then off to the races! David and Kyle race to the finish line. Guess who won?????

We did a lot of other fun stuff and it was great enjoying a few days with our son and his family.

But I also learned something from this trip. Just because we're on vacation doesn't mean God doesn't want us to worship with other believers. Vacation time is a great time to step out of our comfort zone, find a body of believers where you don't know a single soul, and worship God together.
If you are a member of a small or medium size church, experience worship in a "big church". I loved the 1st Baptist Atlanta experience and am so glad we made the effort to attend. If you are a member of a "big church", find a small congregation of believers and enjoy the intimacy of fellowship that you can only experience in a smaller setting. 

Here is a great opportunity; on July 20th at 7 p.m., Dr. Fred Luter, the newly elected president of the
SBC will be preaching at Dripping Spring Baptist Church, 4145 Watermelon Rd., Olmstead Ky. 42265.
My son, Jeff Noffsinger is the pastor, and it will be a night of singing, (the trio Three for Thee will be singing along with a large choir) great preaching, and fellowship. Hope to see you there. You can contact the church at 270-726-3344 for more info. 

Hope you are having a great summer and enjoyed a great vacation!!
Hilldale Baptist MOPS, can't wait to see you in will be here before we know it.