Monday, September 23, 2013

"When God Created the World"

It's finally here!!
I am so excited about my first children's book! It is the story of creation, written in rhyme for children ages 4-8. But guess what Mom and Dad and Grandma's and Grandpa''s for you, too.

From a very little girl I have always believed and known that our Almighty, Awesome, Creative God created the world we live in, but...I couldn't keep it straight what was created on which day. Not until I researched for this book did I understand the creative process and the order with which God designed each minute detail of planet Earth. And oh my friend, God is in the details. (from absolutely nothing to the beauty we see all around us; that's detail!!) And if we don't get creation right, we won't get anything else right, because you see, every spiritual thought, belief, insight and doctrine is built upon this one foundational truth: "In the beginning, God created the Heavens and the Earth. "Children, and adults need to not only "believe" that God created the world in 7 literal days, we need to be able to "defend" our beliefs with the truths in Genesis 1 and 2.

I just received my first copy last Friday, and it is already on Later, it will be on other websites and may be ordered through LifeWay. I want to thank my good friend, Karen Casey for being the first (as far as I know) to buy a copy. In fact, she bought 2 copies. Thank you Karen!!

It has been a long process, and many times I wanted to give up because it seemed so impossible, but I am so glad I didn't. I am so thankful God proved to me again that He is faithful. No matter what your dream is today, or what you may be going through, know this; "The Lord is faithful." (2 Thess.3:3)

And I sure couldn't have gotten this far without my biggest supporter: David encouraged me every step of the way to just keep at it, just keep trying, just keep sending it out. I did, and he was right.

Thank you to my sons and their wives, my grandchildren, who I dedicated this book to, my precious sisters who gave me good advice and support, my dear friends Susan and Brenda who faithfully prayed with me and for me, and my church family for your encouragement, and prayers. And thank you Hilldale MOPS for being the first group to hear the first 2 pages and for being so supportive of me these past few years. I love this group of Moms!!

There is also an app available and it does all sorts of great things that your kids will love. You can even record your own voice reading the story to your kids or grandkids. I hope you'll get a copy for those precious children in your life who need to know the truth now, while they are still young, and now, while their minds and hearts are so tender to the things of Christ.

Page 1
Before there was a world, people time or light
Before there was a day, before there was a night
God knew all about you, and God had a plan
In the beginning, this is how it all began.

Page 2
Day 1 there was nothing, but dark and empty space
Then God said, "Let there be!" and light filled up the place.
He called the light day, He called the darkness night
As He looked around He said, "I think this looks just right!"

Got to buy the book to get the rest........

Thanks to all my readers and those who email me and comment.


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

What's Wrong With Leave it to Beaver?

I recently saw an advertisement for a new reality show about stay at home Dads that said, "This ain't leave it to Beaver!" And as an avid "Ward, June, Wally, and Beaver" fan, tell me, what is wrong with "Leave it to Beaver?"

As a child of the 50's and 60's I dearly loved the show. When it was in reruns, I remember racing home from the bus stop so I could catch the last 15 minutes of the show every afternoon. Every now and then it will be on TVLand for a few months and I still enjoy watching every episode. I know what all the critics are saying, and no, my Mom didn't mop the floor in heels. She didn't cook dinner in pearls, or entertaintain her bridge club with cucmber and watercress sandwiches. (she didn't know or care what a bridge club was, and I am so thankful she didn't!!) But come on............. what's wrong with:

a Dad who is an authority figure in the Home?
a Dad who teaches his children moral and spiritual values?
a Dad who takes responsibility for his family and loves and supports them? (and protects them)
a Dad who is strong, yet gentle and kind and compassionate?
a Dad who teaches right is right and wrong is wrong and there are consequences for both?

a Mom who actually enjoys being a wife and Mom?
a Mom who actually enjoys creating a pleasant home for those she loves?
a Mom who is secure in who she is and doesn't have to apologize for the fact that she is, well, happy?
a Mom who knows her children well and is sensitive to their fears, their needs, their dreams?
a Mom who takes care of herself and cares about her appearance?
a husband and wife who work together to make their marriage a good one?

And will someone please tell me what is wrong with children:

honoring and obeying their parents? (Eph.6:1)
saying "Yes Sir" and Yes Ma'am"?
doing their homework.....themselves?
telling the truth?
having chores and structure?
playing in the dirt, for heaven's sake?

I can surely attest to the fact that we live in a very different world than Ward and June. After all, they weren't really a family at all, but as an 8 or 9 year old child, I sure thought they were. And yes, I love my iPhone, computer and all that stuff, and no, I don't want to wear heels and pearls around the house. But I would like to see more of those Ward and June family values displayed in the shows that our kids are watching. And I do think we've lost something that will be hard to get back.

Seasons change, (I love fall!!) people change, our world changes every day, but praise God, He will never change! (Mal. 3:6; For I Am the Lord, I change not!") He created the family before He created the church, or the government, and His plan for the family hasn't changed because "He changes not". Family is so important to Him that He came to earth as a baby, born into

Mom, you are the key, you are the heart of your home. June may be old fashioned to some, but she was my kind of wife, Mom and woman! And will someone please tell me, what's wrong with leave it to be Beaver?

I am climbing down from my soapbox now, and please let me know how you feel, what you think about this post. I'd love to hear from you, so leave a comment or send me an email.

Thanks for listening. Have a great day and find an episode of Beaver on tv or online and enjoy.........