Monday, December 17, 2012

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas!!

No long blog post today; just a Christmas greeting from the Noffsinger family to your family.
I want to thank each of you for all the encouraging emails, texts and words of encouragement that you have given me this year through this blog. I can honestly say that when I began blogging, I had no earthly idea what I was doing, but with each blog came so much encouragement that I have discovered I am not scared of blogging anymore!! I actually enjoy it.

I'd love to hear your favorite Christmas verse, so send me an email or leave us a comment.
Mine is John 1:14;
"The Word became flesh and dwells among us."

Do you know how hard it is to corral 7 little Noffsingers around the Christmas tree?? (especially right after Thanksgiving Dinner!)
This is our Christmas card to you! May you and yours have the merriest of Merry Christmas' and may 2013 be a blest and Happy New Year for each of you.

The girls l-r
Katie, Olivia, Sarah, Emily and Kara.
The boys are Alex and Tate. (and of course David)

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