Wednesday, April 12, 2017

I'll Know His Voice

Wouldn't you think after 47 years of marriage David would know my voice? Yeah, me too. Recently my sister Sherry, David and I were returning from Vanderbilt after my brother-in-law had had surgery. She was in the backseat and together she and I were doing an excellent job of telling David the best way to get out of Nashville. (Of course as you know, there is no best way to get out of Nashville.) A driver in front of us kept switching lanes and she made a comment and David thought it was me who was talking and he made a comment back. (in that way that husbands and wives who have been married a long time will make and in "that tone") Then suddenly realizing it wasn't me he was talking to he said, "Oh Sherry I didn't know it was you! I thought I was talking to Penny. Y'all sound just alike." Well we've gotten a big laugh from that and shared it with other family members, but the fact remains that often it is difficult to distinguish someone's voice; even someone you have lived with for a long time.

Imagine Mary Magdalene at the tomb. In the cool semi-darkness of the early morning she sees the stone rolled away. She runs to tell Peter and the other disciples, they go to the grave, look inside, see He is gone and the napkin that covered His face is folded neatly. In John 20:8, John went into the tomb, saw that it was empty and he believed. Peter and John leave but Mary Magdalene remains. She cannot leave. This is the last place she had seen His body. She has to stay close by. The grave becomes an important place to loved ones: sometimes we cannot leave the one we love.

Eventually she walks to the opening of the tomb, kneels down and looks inside. Verse 12 says that she saw two angels, one sitting at the head of the bier, the other sitting at the foot. They asked her why she was crying and she said, "Because they have taken away my Lord and I don't know where He is." Then as she turns around she sees a man standing in front of her and presuming him to be the gardener, asks where they have taken the body of her Lord. In verse 16 Jesus says, "Mary." And as soon as He spoke her name she knew He was the Risen Lord. No one else could speak her name like Jesus. No one had done for her what He had done. No one meant to her what He meant to her. No one loved her more than He loved her and she loved no one more than she loved Him.

Even though I have never heard the audible voice of my Lord, I believe when He speaks my name I will know Him immediately. I am His sheep, I will know His voice. (John 10:4)

As David and I get older and his railroad ears find it harder to distinguish voices, there will be times he may think I sound like one of my sisters because I do. But when I hear Jesus speak my name, there will be no question; I will know His voice.

Enjoy time in the Word, reading John 20. Happy Easter.

He arose He arose
Hallelujah Christ arose.


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